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One Step toward Service-Oriented Government

Khov Ea Hai's speech 2014

Speech on “One Step toward Service-Oriented Government
in the International Development Forum Interim Session: KSP Proposal Session
at Korea Development Institute, Sejong City, Republic of Korea


Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, please allow me to express my sincere thank to KSP (Knowledge Sharing Program), professors, and friends for giving me these priceless opportunities.

I would like to talk a minute on the objective of my proposal. Actually, after participating in the United Nations Public Services hosted by Republic of Korea, just several weeks ago, I myself realised that Royal Government of Cambodia can do much more by looked at Korea’s Success, by figured out Korea’s Experiences, and by implemented on what so-called “Government 3.0”

Therefore, I said to myself this is a golden opportunity for me to propose the project.  Today, my proposal, which entitled “One Step toward Service-Oriented Government,” will touch on three main important things, including ICT (Information Communication Technology), e-Government, and Cyber Security.

Regarding to the current situation of ICT, the National ICT policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia were focused on: The ICT infrastructure, Human Capacity, Enterprise, Contents, and Legal and Regulatory Framework. These days, government highly concentrated on commerce and education which I believe ICT is the potential tool for e-learning and e-commerce. These days, there are only 4 million out of 15 million people using internet. These days, it reflects the certain limited internet users and their ability on e-literacy. And as the result, it has laid down the concerns, challenges, and difficulties for the government to take action on reform.

In this connection, we need a policy recommendation, we need workshops, we need capacity buildings to enhance on e-Literacy, to improve the number of internet users, and to maintain momentum in a long run. Thus, I would like to propose 4 sub-themes, including Challenges of Limited Demand ICT, Significance of Users’ Abilities to Access Computer and Internet, Evolution of ICT Policy, and Policy Suggestion for ICT Improvement in Cambodia.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Regarding to e-Government, NiDA (National ICT Development Authority) is the local institution which played a key role on that matter, established in 2000. On the top of that, the GAIS project has commenced since Apr 2004 which it has four core applications such as Electronic, Vehicle, Resident, and Real-Estate Registration Information System. Since it has been implemented for many years already, then it would obviously need to reexamine, evaluate, and expanse its applications

Therefore, I would like to propose on the Availability of current e-Government, People’s Participation in e-Government, Know-how and capacity of e-Government Services, and Policy Implications for e-Government Services in Cambodia.

Regarding to Cyber Security, in 2012 the government arrested international hacker name Gottfrid know as “The Private Bay.” And in 2014 this year, government arrested other two local hackers known as “Anonymous Cambodia Group.” Although the government arrested these guys, but still they declared war with the government. Because they are organised and cooperated worldwide, so it is extremely hard to maintain the security system. As the consequences, there are more than 30 government’s websites and private companies’ have been attacked since the July election. In this light, both public and private websites have been compromised, and Cyber Security is increasingly becoming a priority for the national policy.

In this respect, I would like to propose 4 sub-themes in my proposal which including: Building Confidence and Trust both Public and Private Sectors, Better Response to Cyber Threat, Cooperation and Coordination with International Agents, and Policy Options from Korea’s Best Practices.

In conclusion, I would like to address that Royal Government of Cambodia clearly understands the benefit of ICT, e-government, and Cyber Security in which it provides a wide range of services for individual citizens, shares public information, and remove barriers in the government and so on. And these efforts won’t achieve instantly by Cambodia alone because these efforts obviously needs commitment, collaboration, and cooperation. And these efforts have been successfully achieved by Republic of Korea. In this light, I don’t ask you for fish, but I do ask you how to do fishing because Korea knows that.

Once again, I would like to express my profound thank for having me to present you this proposal for your consideration.

Thank You!

by Khov Ea Hai,

July 18, 2014








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