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Mohammed ElBaradei and World Peace


(Photo: Mohammed ElBaradei)

The advancement of science and technology have shaped a system where people become more interconnected and interdependent. In this sense, that means one’s security of a particular country would be also another country’s security as well. Therefore, the use of weapon of mass destruction would essentially reflect as the self-destruction within the context of globalization. Therefore, Mohammed ElBaradei said, “Today, with globalization bringing us ever closer together, if we choose to ignore the insecurities of some, they will soon become the insecurity of all.”

In human history, many wars have been occurred under the pretext of religion, ideology, ethnicity, and other reasons, based on ElBaradei. However, in his Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, he has used religion to explain it as the catalyst for united all people who have different religions and different perspectives, but sharing the same value of lives in their beliefs. From this point of view, even though people have different religions and beliefs, yet they would have a common value which it could be a starting point to promote global peace.

Please watch his video, “Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech.”

Seoul, April 15, 2014.


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