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The Opening Ceremony and Orientation of KDI School for Spring 2014


(Photo: KDI School)

For the Spring Class of 2014, new students were sincerely encouraged and invited to attend the Opening Ceremony and Orientation which hosted by KDI School. It had successfully convened from the 4-8 February. The programs were acknowledged as an important event to present and underline a wide range of the fundamental understanding and other demands before the beginning of our new class for both Korean Students and International Students.

On 4 February 2014, the first day of the program, President Joon-Kyung KIM and Dean Sangs-Woo NAM did not only address their warmly welcoming remarks to the new students who were waiting for the upcoming class, but also briefly demonstrated the mission and the main purposes of establishing the KDI School and its significant achievements which have been done so far, to share Korea’s unique development experiences which largely known as the “East Asian Miracle”. In spite of this welcoming remarks, the students were also introduced to further know about the KDI School Faculty Members, academic information session, culture awareness, IT service orientation, and the course presentation session.

For evaluating the students’ knowledge on the basic of mathematics and statistics, the second day of the Opening Ceremony and Orientation was designed to cordially require students to take a Math Test at Lincoln Hall, 7th floor of KDI School. The students recognized the importance of math testing as it illustrates the basic abilities for students to take the core courses namely Analysis of Market and Public Policy, Quantitative Methods, and Introduction to Research Methods. Beyond this, the program also brought students to know about the Student Academic Affairs Division and the Library Orientation, while at the same time, provided students an opportunity to consult with professors for course registration for the upcoming class. 

On the third and fourth day, for the sake of International Students’ safety and other awareness, the school had kindly invited the police officer to present the Korean Laws related to visa, immigration, safety guide or other relevant aspects that International Students shall watch out and be mindful while they are living under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Korea. More importantly, there was also the medical check-up for the International Students to ensure that they are resilient and healthy enough before the class starting. 

20140208_Korean Cultural PT (12)


(Photo: POSCO Asian Fellows, Spring 2014)

The most impressive and admirable memories were on the last day of the Opening Ceremony and Orientation. It was the day of the Korea Culture Presentation. Students were enjoying to know about the greatness of the Korea’s Origin and its unique awesomeness of the current modern high technology and economic growth that reflected the miracle attainments among the Four Asian Tigers: the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The Opening Ceremony and Orientation was briefly and obviously considered as the huge opportunities and possible contributions, provided to promote and enhance the students’ self-preparation prior to their memorial journey of the academic lives within the KDI School. 

Seoul, Feb 16, 2014

Khov Ea Hai



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