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The Outcomes of the First Meeting after Summoned by the King

The official results of the 28th July election was released by the National Election Committee on 08th Sep 2013. (Download the official results issued by NEC and other related in The Fifth National Election)

On the 14th Sep, Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy were summoned by the King Sihamoni, and others two respective colleagues were also permitted to accompany their presidents. As enshrined in the Cambodia’s Law, the King shall be presided over the first National Assembly Meeting after the official results were released by NEC. Therefore, the 14th Sep meeting was actually aimed by the King to deliver letters of invitation to representatives, who will attend the first National Assembly Meeting to form and valid the National Assembly as it shall be at least 120 representatives to attend the first meeting, via its presidents. Even though they had this short meeting on the 14th Sep, the mass demonstration is still convening now as it planed to do on 15-16-17 Sep 2013.  Unfortunately, one man was shot and died in place, while at the same time others injured on the 15th Sep due to the violence clashes erupted between the military police, riot police and protectors.

(Photo by the Cambodia Daily)


(Photo by Phnom Penh Post)

Since the primary results, the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) has not accepted the results as it believes that the results were cheated and wishes to have what so-called Joint Independent Investigation Committee to check on the results of the 28th July election due to CNRP leaders and its supporters have no any confidence on the roles of National Election Committee and Constitutional Council Committee. The leader of CNRP, Sam Rainsy also sent a letter to request Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of United Nations, to dispatch experts as observers to the process to be undertaken the above said Joint investigating committee.  Meanwhile, Cambodian People’s Party confirmed its positions to address problems at national level and firmly recognized the results issued by NEC so it demands no Joint Independent Investigation Committee from outsiders. Therefore, there is no common ground between these two political parties and they have to work more on these to find an agreement  in order to pace for another step to form the National Assembly.


(Photo by Khmer RFI)

As planed, top level meeting between CPP and CNRP was held at the National Assembly on 16 Sep. As a result of this meeting, Joint Statement was issued by the Top Leaders of these two political parties. They agreed on three points as following:

1.  Agreed to respect for and implement as the letter from the King in order to address the current situation in a non-violence manner, and
2.  Agreed to create the mechanism to reform the next election in the future, and
3. Agreed to continue the negotiations at all levels to address the problems.

What should be noticed?

– The statement doesn’t said whether CNRP will attend the first National Assembly Meeting which will be formed and presided over by His Majesty the King on 23 Sep.

– The statement also doesn’t stated about any possibility of establishing Independent Investigation Committee on the official result of the 28th July election.

Whatsoever, this statement shall be recognized as an important political instrument for next negotiations between these two political parties for the sake of nation and Cambodians.  I would like to express my profound support of the spirit of this initiative statement. I wish also to see a solution in a peaceful manner and may the democratization process in Cambodia will be flourished in this age.

by Khov Ea Hai


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