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In Cambodia, I See Achievements, Challenges and Futures


(Photo: His Majesty, the King Norodom Sihamoni, with Profound Respect)

War may bring glory and power for some people only, at the same time bring pains and tragedy to other innocent people at large. I was born a year before the Paris Peace Concord 1991 and I always bear in mind that this is the only political instrument which unites all Cambodian parties to come and talk in a peaceful manner. That is how our late King-Father Norodom Sihanouk wish to and had always reminded us to do so.

Talking about life-experiences, my birthplace is in the countryside where it is located in the Northwest of Cambodia nearby the Thailand border which used to be the refugee camps after Khmer Rouge’s Genocide. I could still remember that my family and I used to run for lives twice time escaping from bombing and arm clashing nearby our small house even though we have already had Paris Peace Agreement.

I have seen…

I have learned from life-experiences from my beloved country which originally known as Great Khmer Empire and currently known as Less Developed Country. Since growing up, I have seen a devastating nation has tried to unify without using forces and people go to vote for choosing their representatives in every five years. I have seen Cambodian people have always expressed their warmest welcome and deepest respect to our King. I have seen Cambodian has built up its foundation and I have seen Cambodia has emerged from ground zero and begun to industrialize competing with other countries in the region for some sectors. I have seen the benefits of Cambodia’s integration into ASEAN and WTO. I have seen also Cambodian youths expressed about their concerns on jobs market and competitiveness when ASEAN  realized as an Economic Community by 2015. I have seen Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has reduced poverty in 1% every year. I have seen garment labors demonstrate and ask  for appropriate monthly salary. I have seen Cambodia’s Real GDP Growth rate  has maintained its growth around 7%  during these years. I have seen some people suffer because of companies that gained rights on land concession and I have seen government issued land titles for its population to ensure private property.  I have seen RGC has appointed H.E. Mr. Srun Thirith as the new Representative of Cambodia to the ASEAN Intergovermental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR).  I see RGC has worked with other ASEAN Member States on human rights promotion and prevention. I have seen reports regarding the current condition of human rights in Cambodia issued by the Special Raporteur appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council. I have seen most of Cambodia’s televisions and radios are pro- RGC and I have seen that is their rights as well. I have seen Cambodia has few mass medias such as newspapers and radios that broadcast sensitive issues. I have seen people need more independent and professional news for transparency and accountability.

I am seeing…

Recently, I am seeing crowed people actively and increasingly engage with Cambodia’s political life by participating freely in the election campaign with political party they support. I am seeing another step forward to a  principle of democracy in Cambodia, our King Norodom Sihamoni has granted a Royal Pardon to self-exiled opposition leader Sam Rainsy. I see Phay Siphan said Friday that Prime Minister Hun Sen sent a letter to the king requesting the pardon. I am seeing the top leaders of the two outstanding political parties are compromising for the sake of nation. I am seeing the highest prominent importance of His Majesty’s role for uniting all Cambodia political parties.  I am also seeing the importance of participation of Cambodian people and international community in the democracy building process. I am seeing Cambodia need a strong solidarity and unity from all Khmer in every political trend for national advancement and a right democracy.

I wish to see…

As I saw in US, crowed supporters cheered when Obama was speaking during the presidential election campaign in 2012. I saw people shouted ” YES WE CAN” with the tears that kept falling down from their faces. I saw presidential and vice-presidential candidates attended debates and discussed about their policies for people’s consideration. I saw Mitt Romney congratulated to Obama’s winning. I saw supporters of both political parties enjoyed together. Therefore, I wish to see Cambodia will have the same environment as US does and I believe democracy has  gradually rooted in every Cambodian citizen and I am passionate to see the ongoing win-win strategies and a peaceful transition of power.

Phnom Penh, 13 July 2013


Khov Ea Hai.

A Great Achievement Always Starts From A Simple Pace.


3 comments on “In Cambodia, I See Achievements, Challenges and Futures

  1. Dana VAN
    July 13, 2013

    Hi Hai!
    It’s such a beneficial reflection! Thank you for your expression and for sharing it to the public.
    To me, in addition to yours, I wish to see a really just society, a fair distribution and opportunity, more importantly, the politics that supports each other and collaborates for overall genuine state purposes in accordance with the people’s interests; and as a student, I wish to see the internationally accepted and standardized education system.
    Dana VAN
    Cambodia shall be well recognized by the world!

      July 15, 2013

      Hi Dana,
      Thanks for reading my article and giving me a very good comments. I really agree and appreciate on your additions. I wish Cambodians will take part in any talk shops and sharing their opinions regarding the national interests due to I believe that it will certainly contribute to the betterment of understanding for people’s consideration and preparation of national development. So, let’s do it together for the sake of our nation.
      Warmest regard,

      Ea Hai

  2. charlieray45
    July 18, 2013

    While the challenges are many, it is worthwhile now and then to reflect on what has been achieved.

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