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North Korea Fired a Short-Range Missile

short range missile

The following is some reports regarding to the recent development on situation of Korean Peninsula.

DPRK launches short-range missile into the East China Sea on Sunday 19 May 2013, according to the South Korean Yonhap News Agency on May 20, 2013. South Korea’s Defense Ministry confirmed that the launch occurred in the afternoon. “North Korea again launched what appears to be a KN-02 short-range missile,” said a ministry official. “We are closely watching the movements of the North’s military in case of further launches.” Monday’s launch occurred between 11 a.m. and noon. North Korea has launched a total of five short-range missiles in the past three days, including three on Saturday and one on Sunday.

South Korea’s unification minister called on North Korea Monday to drop provocative actions and come to the bargaining table to defuse tensions on the Korean Peninsula. As well as, Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se made the remarks at an annual conference of heads of overseas diplomatic missions in Seoul, after the North test-fired four short-range projectiles into the East Sea over the weekend. FM calls N. Korea’s nuclear threats, provocations grave:  “The security situation on the Korean Peninsula remains grave following North Korea’s recent launching of short-range projectiles and its defiant pursuit of nuclear weapons.” (Yonhap News)

Looking at the relationship between China and North Korea:
Surprisingly, the 16 Chinese fishermen reportedly kidnapped by armed North Koreans on May 5 are yet to be released, the owner of the hijacked fishing boat said Sunday. Such kidnappings have frequently occurred. Last May, a total of 29 fishermen from Liaoning were also forcibly taken away by unidentified North Koreans while trawling, and were later released after the Chinese government’s meditation. Analysts said the Chinese government should take a tougher stance toward Pyongyang to firmly ensure the safety of its citizens. (Sina English News)

Regarding to this issue, there are some analyst said:
Cui Zhiying, director of the Korean Peninsula Research Center at the Shanghai-based Tongji University, told the Global Times that as the relations between China and North Korea are gradually changing from traditional ideological allies to normal bilateral relations, these kinds of reports are being disclosed more frequently than before.

– Jin Qiangyi, director of the Asian Studies Center at Yanbian University, told the Global Times Sunday that China has been inclined to deal with such disputes in a low-key manner, which has been taken advantage of by North Korea to infringe upon Chinese fishermen’s interests.

– Regarding to this, I would be of the view that the event may look like a changing of relationship between China and DPRK from traditional ideological allies to normal bilateral relations. Additionally, this kidnapping can also ease the pressure on China from international community whenever North Korea tests its missile due to after that China would have pretext for dealing with international community who always impose on China to put more pressure on North Korea. As this kidnapping frequently happened, it has already shown that China has no more influent as Western thought before.

Looking at U.S.:
More interestingly, on 19 May 2013 U.S. sets goal of expanding talks with N. Korea for coming year according to Yonhap. The U.S. government aims to expand dialogue with North Korea in fiscal 2014 to improve the communist country’s “international standing,” according to the State Department’s report to Congress. The policy target is seen as in line with the South Korean administration’s goal of building mutual trust with the North. (Yunhap News)

North Korea is banned from testing ballistic missile by UNSC Resolutions. It has been imposed sanctions by UN against Pyongyang’s nuclear test. And the tensions on the Korean Peninsula has remained high for several months since DPRK tested its nuclear in February 2013. The tension was seriously heighten in April which some analysts believed that there might be war. On the other hand regarding to my view, i did not believe so due to I am of the view that North Korea also has no intention to make war, but want negotiations and talks directly and equally with U.S. and claim itself as a nuclear state on earth; therefore, the percentage of  making war would seem to be less happened because now as you can see U.S. sets goal of expending talks with DPRK for coming year which is also seen as in line with the South Korean administration’s goal of building mutual trust with the North. For further seeing my view on this issue,  please read my article Korean Peninsula, is there a war?


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