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Cambodia Issued Statement Responding to Thai Politicians and Journalist after ICJ Hearing, 15-19 April 2013


On 26 April 2013, Cambodia issued a statement responding to the Thai Politicians and Journalist who have made numerous comments to prevaricate to the Thai people by defaming Cambodia many points.

Please download Cambodia’s Statement issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for further reading:

– Download  Khmer Version: Statement by MFAIC
– Download English Version: Statement by MFAIC

After presenting their  positions to ICJ regarding to the Cambodia’s requesting for interpretation of 1962 judgment on Preah Vihear Temple Case, HE. Deputy Prime Minister Hor Namhong and other high level of Royal Government of Cambodia’s Officials have returned from the International Court of Justice on 22 April 2013.

According to Cambodia Foreign Minister, he said “The problem is about the surrounding area around Preah Vihear Temple and Cambodia called for the Hague’s International Court of Justice for an interpretation of the verdict in 1962.

He added, ” There was no argument over the meaning of the verdict in 1962, but we still have an argument since then, after Thailand had unilaterally and illegally installed wire fences not far from the front of Preah Vihear Temple in June of that same year. Thailand took many maps to present, such as maps of water divisions but it was rejected by the court.

26 April 2013 is the deadline of Cambodia and Thailand for submitting their additional documents and maps to the International Court of Justice as requested by the court in the oral procedure of first day. Based on Dyna Seng’s analysis in Khmer RFI which entitled “The Brief Explanation on the Interpretation of 1962 Judgment in ICJ,” the court wish to see the differences between Cambodia and Thailand on the meaning of the words “Vicinity of the Temple” which has been stated in the 1962 Judgment. The understanding of the meaning of “Vicinity of the Temple” is very essential for the court’s consideration whether the interpretation is needed or not.  In this respect, the court would interpret the 1962 Judgment if the documents and maps sent by both sides indicate the differences of meaning of vicinity of the temple.

In this sense, we have already seen the different views of both parties due to Cambodia has firmly pointed out that there is only Annex 1 map of the 1962 Judgment for determining of vicinity of the temple under Cambodia’s sovereignty. While at the same time, Thailand has always given many maps to present such as maps of water divisions which used to be rejected by the court previous time in 1962. Therefore, the interpretation shall be made by ICJ to prevent any possible conflicts may occur between Cambodia and Thailand because of misunderstanding of the sovereignty over the vicinity of the temple. However, we still need more times to wait and see whether the court will interpret this case or not.

For further reading, Please visit:
– For Khmer: http://www.khmer.rfi.fr/explaining-icj-preah-vihear-interpretation-case
– For English: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12378001


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