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Australia in the Asian Century


If ones said the 19th Century was known as the “European Century” and the 20th Century was known as the “American Century“, then 21st Century will be the “Asian Century“.

Talking about Asia, everyone will first take a look at China with a note that it has been playing an increasing role which not just only region architecture and also to the world at large. In terms of economic and politic, China undoubtedly is known as global power since it became a second world largest economic after US. Then Japan, Republic of Korea, India, and regional grouping known as ASEAN will also be economically more strategic actors in Asia-Pacific.

In this sense, the uncertainty of global economy which caused by the world financial crisis in 2008 will make a significant shifting to a new path.  This strategic reordering would encourage superpowers and regional powers to put in place their new foreign policies toward Asia-Pacific in order to rebalance. Taking this opportunity, Australia in the Asian Century White Paper was issued in 2012 to laid out its roadmap for securing Australia’s prosperity and resilience in the region and the world. It describes Australia national security objectives and explains how they are achieving those objectives.  As stated in the foreword, Prime Minister Julia Gillard mentions that “I took a clear decision that our nation should actively plan for and shape our national future. Only by doing so can we realise our vision of being a land of increased opportunity, prosperity and fairness.”

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