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Since ASEAN has numerous partners, respective country of ASEAN Member States has played as the Country Coordinator with their external partners. Therefore, in order to strengthen their mutual interest and comparative advantages of both sides (ASEAN and its External Partners), each ASEAN Member State would rotate themselves in a three-years-term to be a Country Coordinator with External Partners namely Australia, Canada, China, EU, India, Japan,  New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Russia, and United States.

As stated in the article 42 of  ASEAN Charter, “Member States, acting as the country coordinators, shall take turns to take overall responsibility in coordinating and promoting the interests of ASEAN in its relations with the relevant Dialogue Partners, Regional and International Organizations and Institutions.”

The following is the list of ASEAN Dialogue Coordinationship:

Present (2012-2015)

  • Brunei with India
  • Cambodia with Japan
  • Indonesia with Republic of Korea
  • Lao DPR with New Zealand
  • Malaysia with Russia
  • Myanmar with US
  • Philippines with Australia
  • Thailand with China
  • Viet Nam with EU

Besides these, ASEAN Secretariat also has duties to be a coordinator as well.  It has been a coordinator with UN and Pakistan (Pakistan is only a Sectoral Dialogue Partner to ASEAN) since 2006 till present time. More interestingly, ASEAN Member States also have a rotation on regional grouping such as ECO, GCC, MERCOSUR, RIO GROUP, and SAARC.

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