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The Preparation in the Royal Cremation Ceremony


Royal Government of Cambodia has been preparing for the Royal Cremation Ceremony to the Late King Father NORODOM SIHANOUK, the Hero King, the King Father of Independence, Territorial Integrity and Khmer Unity, which will be convened from February 1st  to February 4th, 2013.

The Official Programmes of Royal Cremation Ceremony were stated in the regulation of Phnom Penh Municipality Website :
– February 1st, 2013: The Royal Parade of the Late King Father’s body
– February 4th, 2013: The official homage and Royal Cremation Ceremony

During the occasion of Royal Cremation Ceremony, there would be several Top Foreign Leaders to join Royal Cremation Ceremony at Veal Preah Meru Square, Phnom Penh 04 February 2013 as released in the Press and Quick Reaction Unit of Royal Government of Cambodia. As well as, thousands of Cambodian People will definitely join in this event and to have last opportunity to pay deepest respect to the King.


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