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Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC)


TAC was established in accordance with the spirits and principles of the UN Charter, the 10 principles of the Asia-African Conferences in Bandung in 1955, the Declaration of Southeast Asian Nations in Bangkok in 1967 and the Kuala Lumpur Declaration in 1971.

TAC was found by five older ASEAN Member States, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand and signed on 24 February 1976 during the First ASEAN Summit in Bali.

Cambodia signed the Treaty on 23 January 1995 and ratified on 30 June 1995.


–  To promote peace, everlasting amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia and beyond.

–   To promote peace, everlasting amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia and beyond.


–   First Protocol amending the TAC was signed on 15 December 1987 in Manila to open for accession by other states in Southeast Asia and States outside Southeast Asia. It was entered into force on 2 July 1988.

–   Second Protocol amending the TAC was signed by all ASEAN Member States and PNG on 25 July 1998 in Manila and entered into force on 6 December 1998. The Second Protocol was designed to open way for States outside Southeast Asia to accede to the TAC. 

–   Third Protocol amending TAC was signed on 23 July 2010, in Ha Noi, by all 27 high contracting parties, except Canada, to allow other regional organization such as EU to accede to TAC.

High Contracting Parties

–   28 Countries. 10 ASEAN Member States and 18 non-ASEAN Member States (Australia, Bangladesh, China, Canada, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Russian Federation, Turkey, USA.)

–    Brazil is expected to complete its domestic procedure so that official signing the Instrument of Accession can be made in 2012, in Cambodia.

–    UK also requested to accede to the TAC. It is expected to sign the Instruments of Accession during Cambodia’s Chairmanship in 2012.

–    EU will also expect to accede to the TAC as soon as the 3rd Protocol Amending the TAC has been ratified by all High Contracting Parties.


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